El Cortez Hotel

In the News:  Whaley's Homecoming

Aspect: What’s Old is new again.

The El Cortez has been completely remodeled under the ownership of Thomas Whaley. It is a trendy new spot for young hipsters enjoying hand made mixed cocktails in the lounge bar. There is a constant stream of modern swing music throughout and an upbeat festive mood resonates throughout the place.

The lobby is clean and minimalist in style. There is a table with flower arrangement, cookies, and a glass water dispenser with floating slice of lemon.

What is most noticeable about the place is the ruckus modern swing music oozing from the bar and the young hipsters dressed in rolled 50-s blue jeans and wallet chains with girls in swanky dresses falling off the shoulder sipping martinis and twirling to the swing music.


El Cortez Hotel

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