George Wendtigo

The best HVAC/Refrigeration repairman in San Diego


PLAYER: Tom Chee
TEMPLATE: Changeling
HIGH CONCEPT ASPECT: The best HVAC/Refrigeration repairman in San Diego
TROUBLE ASPECT: People w/ binoculars and cameras are always following me around.

Great – Craftsmanship, Resources, Investigation
Good – Rapport, Driving, Contacts
Fair – Intimidation, Athletics, Endurance
Average – Empathy, Might, Fists

Claws (-1)
Supernatural Strength (-4)
Beast Change (-1)
Inhuman Toughness (-2)
Inhuman Recovery (-2)
*The Catch – vulnerable pure cold iron (+4)


PHASE ONE Background: The pixies of the Unseelie Court always made fun of me for building things with my hands instead of with magic. The imps took a particular interest in my skill and encouraged my mechanical expertise, both out of pride and for the entertainment of watching a large yeti work with small mechanical parts. My fey father sent me to San Diego because he was embarrassed of me.
PHASE ONE ASPECT: With great work comes great pride.

PHASE TWO Rising Conflict: I want to catch the Summer Court’s attention to help me return home to the Winter Court, but humans are always trying to take pictures of me in public, making the Summer Court wary and suspicious of me.
PHASE TWO ASPECT: The road to fame and the road to infamy are often paved with the same bricks.

PHASE THREE The Story: My first big job in San Diego was repairing the largest refrigeration system on UCSD’s campus, which I finished in unbelievably inhuman time. It helped me grow my business through word-of-mouth recommendations, but it also drew some curious attention.
PHASE THREE ASPECT: Mechanical abilities are almost too good to be true.

PHASE FOUR Guest Star: Dr. Invictus hired George to fix the AC in his sanctum, resulting in a fast friendship when George saw Dr. Invictus’ facilities and opened up. Dr. Invictus was able to create cooling scrolls for George, and George shared info about the Winter and Summer Courts, ultimately helping Ivan toward finding his sisters.
PHASE FOUR ASPECT: Trust is required.

PHASE FIVE Guest Star Redux: George’s news stories attracted so much attention that his cover as a human started to crack. FBI agent Tom stepped in to defuse the attention and keep things quiet.
PHASE FIVE ASPECT: Fey Protection Program

George Wendtigo

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