Dr. Ivan Arthur Alexander Invictus

UCSD Professor of Occult Studies and Mythology/Bookworm



Template: Focused Practitioner
High Concept Aspect: Professor Bibliomancer
Trouble Aspect: In Over My Head

Superb: Lore, Scholarship
Great: Resources, Discipline
Good: Conviction, Presence
Fair: Deceit, Contacts
Average: Investigation, Empathy

Stunts and Powers
Ritual (-2)
Psychometry (-1)
Refinement (-1)
Item of Power (-2)


Phase One—Background: Where Did You Come From?
A Missouri native with three younger sisters (Isabelle 9, Irene 6, and Ivette 2), Ivan grew up in a close family. His relationship with his parents (Glenna and Norman) was quite strong. At the age of 12, he discovered he has some magical ability but kept it very secret as he was concerned he would betray his parents’ love and “remaining in the closet” (because curiously they seemed to have an aversion to the very topic…). Instead, he dove into fantasy and adventure novels as an escape, and developed a tight circle of boyhood friends who shared his geek interests.
Phase Aspect: Family and Friends are Irreplaceable

Phase Two—Rising Conflict: What Shaped You?
Shortly after his 13th birthday, his sisters mysterious disappeared while on a family camping trip deep in Mark Twain National Forest. In the middle of a game of tag, they chased each other around a thicket of trees and vanished before Ivan’s eyes. Disbelieving parents enabled a national search, and Ivan went through a series of psychological evaluations first as the prime suspect and secondly for potential insanity. This, of course, drove a wedge between him and his parents, who receded into the background of his life as Ivan sought to escape his troubled past as he went to college and deeper into the mental retreat afforded by his developing interests in magic.
Phase Aspect: Truth is Relative

Phase Three—The Story: What was your first adventure?
Soon, Invictus realized the events of his sisters’ disappearance seemed to hearken to material found in the books he was so fond of (fortuosity or reading into things? Hm…). This further cemented his launch into a lifetime of study to discover how his sisters disappeared and rid him of doubting his own sanity. Meeting his mentor Professor Martin Thane (fellow geek, collector of exotic books, and his doctoral thesis advisor) seemed to be a boon. Thane pulled out his magical talents of Bibliomantic Divination, worked with him to hone and develop them, assisted him in navigating the politics of academia, and gifted him with his Tome. Later that very day, Thane perished in a terrible automobile accident, just before Invictus was set to graduate.
Phase Aspect: The Answer is in the Books

Phase Four—Guest Star: Whose Path Have You Crossed?
Years after the event, FBI Agent Tom was reopening the investigation, believing he had a lead on several other related cases. He was confident that the girls were still alive but may be in the hands of the Fae. Invictus doesn’t quite know what to think of a this agent’s unorthodox hypothesis given his career field, but he can’t deny the fact that it aligns with his own (overzealous?) theories.
Phase Aspect: Hope Never Dies

Phase Five—Guest Star Redux: Who Else’s Path Have You Crossed?
Rumors of the 7th Law of Magic being broken made the White Council of Wizards send Warden [Mike’s PC] to investigate Ivan and his practices. He’s been stalking Dr. Invictus for a while now, stubbornly refusing to provide answers Dr. Invictus’s questions (even though Ivan knows the Warden knows more than he’s letting on) and generally coming across to Invictus as an annoyingly intimidating figure who should either help or get out of the way.
Phase Aspect: Knowledge is Power

Dr. Ivan Arthur Alexander Invictus

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