Dresden File Book 2: Hell On Earth

HumanaGen adn SRD bring Synthetic Blood to Market

“Hi I am Chet Checker.
“And I am Bridgette Bundy.”
Together they say, “And we bring you San Diego Today.”

Bridgette starts, "A recent announcement from start-up biotech firm HumanaGen discloses that they have received government funding in partnership with the Navy’s Strategic Research Division. With the announcement of this partnership, HumanaGen is readying it’s first marketable product, Synthentic blood named “Plasma Transcend” Here is Lenoard Carp, CEO of Humanagen

Camera pans to an obese man standing behind a podium his large stomach protruding around each side almost gripping the sides of the stand. “Plasma Transcend will save countless lives not only on the battlefield but across the globe. This synthetic blood substitute can be immediately supplied to a wounded soldier or individual, regardless of blood type. It not only replaces the lost blood but acts as a healing agent stimulating the bodies healing responses to deal with infection and mass trauma. Here is a video of our last laboratory trials.” Before the camera pans away, Fat Leonard’s lip quivers with excitement as he looks upon a helpless white rabbit.

A white rabbit lays upon a white towel and is strapped down to a small table. An Indian man with a large pompadour hair style smiles at the camera before grabbing a small scalpel and removing the rabbit’s leg. Blood streams from the rabbit spilling onto the white towel and splashing the white fur of the rabbit. Next the Indian man pulls forth a syringe containing pinkish gel like material and injects the material into the rabbits neck. Almost immediately the blood slows from the leg and after a few minutes with the time sped up on film, the bleeding stops altogether.

As the camera pans away to show the Indian doctor smiling again underneath his large pompadour a loud screech can be heard off camera and a grimace of pain comes over the man’s face as he reflexively pulls his hand away from the table. The film abruptly cuts off.

The newscast brings back the two news anchors Bridgette and Chet. Chet’s face is white as a ghost as he says “Bridge, you have to warn me before you show blood on camera.”

""You Betcha Chet," she says and then continues with, “We reached out to Captain Daxon Stone of SRD for comment but received no response.”

Fat Leonard

Captain Daxon Stone

Dr. Ratt “Elvis” Antehri

In the News Missing Malvora

“Hi I am Chet Checker.
“And I am Bridgette Bundy.”
Together they say, “And we bring you San Diego Today.”

Chet, “In tragic news famed big wave surfer and all around daredevil, Mikey “Skin Dog” Malvora went missing after attempting this wave in Cortes Bank 100 miles off the coast of Point Loma”

Video of a massive wave crashing on top of a man. After 10 seconds the board resurfaces broken in half but the man never resurfaces. Massive wave after wave after wave piles onto where he crashed.

“His three brothers, also respected daredevils for their numerous X-game victories, but maybe more known for their off-camera antics with the law reaction was captured with this video.”

“You set us up you limey prick.” A shirtless lean muscular man grabs a younger man and lifts him like he was a toddler off the ground by his throat. The younger man holds a crucifix at bay while saying “are you getting this…are you getting this..” The young man is pushed up against the railing and before tipping over backwards the muscular man can be heard saying “wrong kind of vam….muffle…muffle (as the camera his jostled).” The lean man tips over backwards. The camera pans to the man crumpled in the bottom of a Zodiac. The camera shakes as the camera man leaps into the Zodiac missing but catching the side of the boat with one hand and dropping the camera into the boat with the other sending it tumbling. The camera no longer capturing any visible images only provides off camera sound. “See,” a voice with an English accent. “I told you they aren’t human….”Score one for COURAGE.” Another voice can be heard…”dude just go..go…GO!”

Chet returns to the screen. “As you can see the Malvora family are as known for their hostility as well as for their daredevil antics. It is even rumored they are a gang of criminals using their daredevil skills and fearlesness to rob banks and commit crimes.”

“Bridgette, burst in. “Rumors Chet. Did you just say Rumors?”
“’You Betcha”
“And you know Chet you just described the plot of Point Break right?”
“Great movie Bridge. One of my all time faves. “

The camera pans to Bridgette an exasperated hand on her head. Cut to commercial.

In the News Whaley's Homecoming
Local News Heritage Foundation Being Sued By the Whaleys

Good evening San Diego Bridgette Bundy with you tonight bringing you the local news. Thomas Whaley a decedent of the prominent Whaley family in Old Town wants his house back! The residence, now a historical monument, is owned by the Save our Heritage Organization. Thomas Whaley is suing the organization claiming that the family still has rights to the property. Thomas Whaley has made another historical purchase recently of the El Cortez hotel where we reached his lawyers, eh (she pauses a moment) Robertson & Robertson conjoined twins who represent Mr. Whaley:

Two men with balding hair and wire rim glasses appear on the screen. At first they look like they are standing next to each other but upon closer inspection it is clear that both of their heads are coming up our of the same wide grey suit.

Robertson 1: While Mr. Whaley appreciates the…
Robertson 2: Historical significance that the…
Robertson 1: Whaley house and family have
Robertson 2: For San Diego…it is clear the heritage society failed to either…
Robertson 1: Look for proper heirs or flat out ignore the wishes Corinne Lillian…
Robertson 2: Whaley who clearly left the property to the Grandfather of my client who had every right to take possession
Robertson 1: of the Whaley residence in 1953 upon
Robertson 2: the passing of Corinne Lillian Whaley
Robertson 1: Our only goal is
Robertson 2: to restore the property
Robertson 1: to the proper owner of Thomas Whaley who carries the namesake of his great great Grandfather who originally built
Robertson 2: This fine house.

Bridgette returns to the screen. “And now over to Chet with sports.”
“Wow,” Chet says, “you think they charge double?”
“Great Chet, nothing like jokes about disabled peoples on the air,” Bridgette responds.
“You betcha, “ Chet says. “And that’s what them Padres looked like today handicapped as they take a thunderous beating by ….

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