Welcome to Dresden 2016 Introductory Campaign. Fate is a more collaborative game than we normally play. Some of the “power” that the players have in shaping the game will happen in game, but a much larger portion of the campaign and game creation is done prior to us even rolling our dice. As a group we will create our game world and the NPCs in it. That’s right we are going to create this together!

With that, I would like to use OP to help guide us in creating the world and people in it. I will add a series of posts in the forum that will ask questions of what you want in your game. We can then use the forum to build & riff on each’s ideas until we get a core idea of what looks fun.

The Fate system will be a different role-playing experience but luckily the core rules are free: http://fate-srd.com/

For those that aren’t as familiar with the Dresden Universe, this site his has an overview of the books (which I suggest you read because they are awesome) but also has a section called Dresden Universe that provides details on the over arching setting.


Lastly, I believe the electronic copy of the “The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game” rulebook is about $9.00 and the hardback is about $40. Please don’t feel as if you have to buy the book. I will be familiar enough with the rules to manage the game. I do suggest getting familiar with the overall setting if you haven’t read the books. That will be enough.

OK…To the Forums!

Dresden File Book 2: Hell On Earth

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